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ChiroWerks WellCare at the East Penn Medical Center

Welcome to a patient-centered & data-driven physical medicine practice, where you can come to learn your own measure of balance in spinal alignment, muscle strength, and movement patterns for quick relief and lasting results.

Serving the community in and around Emmaus for the past seventeen years, Dr. Kocis is skilled and experienced with problems involving the entire musculoskeletal system, including the joints and muscles of the spine and extremities.

Get to know your self better by understanding the relationships between your unique body posture and your spinal health.


Chiropractic Works

Manual therapy to enhance spinal stability and improve function of the nerve system.

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Nutrition Works

Understand how what you eat can affect your pain level, and what supplements can reduce your level of inflammation.

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Core Strength Works

Science based core strength rehabilitation utilizing biofeedback and measurements of strength and flexibility.

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