Dr. Kocis is a product of our local area, exposed from a young age to the ideas of using natural methods first and foremost here in Emmaus. He has always had a mind for mechanisms, needing to understand how things function, and has pursued a broad experience in the study of the sciences.

He has spent the last twenty-five years studying and working in the sciences of health and medicine. From his time in the research laboratories at the University of Pittsburgh and Thomas Jefferson Medical school, to the past twenty years as a clinician and educator, he has always been diligent in his approach to problem solving.

His studies encompass both physical medicine and herbal medicine, completing his doctorate at New York Chiropractic College in Seneca Falls and an herbal medicine certificate from NorthEast School of Botanical Medicine in Ithaca. His clinical experience is similarly broad in scope, encompassing the gamut of natural health care, maintaining a solo practice for the past seventeen years.

Dr. Kocis specializes in balancing the total body; improving body posture with manual manipulation and core specific exercises, and normalizing body chemistry through vitamin, mineral, and herbal supplementation. Dr. Kocis is excited about continuing to integrate and share the most recent scientific knowledge confirming the natural approach to health and wellness.