Core Strength Rehabilitation

Personalized core strength rehabilitation of the neck and low back to correlate posture and pain with chronic muscle imbalances. Biofeedback helps to assess the coordination of spinal motion. Measuring strength and flexibility in four directions, front, back, right, and left, in the neck and low back allows comparison with normal values and strength ratios indicating chronic instability.

Understand the correlations with low back pain, leg problems, and weak vital organs.

Learn to perform the core brace, the foundation of healthy back posture.

Figure out how the motions of the hips and low back should oppose one another.

Discover which are the best exercises to develop the deep core muscles.

Find out if you would do better doing back builders, abdominal strengthening, or both?

Know how your back problems will be affected by disc loading and shear forces.


Side Bridge, for lateral core strength

This exercise can be modified for use by any one, regardless of age or limitation